Auspicious Dates

How often have you heard people say “I must have been in the right place at the right time” well yes that happens and by tapping into this energy and using the Chinese 10,000 year calendar along with the Almanac you can calculate and an auspicious date for occasions that are important to you as individuals, as families or businesses.

2010 calendar

Many of them include;

  • Personal
    • Buying and selling a property or business
    • Moving house
    • Talking to a bank; applying for a loan or mortgage
    • Getting married
  • Job/Business
    • Applying for a new job
    • Opening a new business 
    • Business deals or partnerships
    • Increasing sales
  • Other
    • Sitting an exam or competing in sporting events
    • Placing a Buddha or a Water feature
    • Cutting trees down
    • Cutting your hair

In fact you can calculate a good day for anything that you feel you need support in?

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